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Jubei-Chan Info
Jiyu Nanohana is a cute and well-endowed teenage girl who catches the fancy of almost every guy she meets. When a strange samurai tells her that she is the successor of the legendary swordsman Yagyu Jubei, Jiyu refuses to believe him. But the descendants of Yagyu Jubei's rivals have already sensed this, and one assassin after another is sent to attack Jiyu! Fortunately, Yagyu Jubei left a little something for our heroine -- a lovely heart-shaped eyepatch. As soon as Jiyu dons the eyepatch, she is overcome with Yagyu Jubei's power and transforms into an ass-kicking ninja girl! Jiyu must somehow put an end to the 300-year old feud between the ancient samurai clans... before the feud puts an end to her.


9" Figures


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